First Line of Regenesis+ : Find Your True Colour

First Line of Regenesis + _ Find Your True Color

First Line of Regenesis +. The Regenesis + program of the Lineation Center includes 5 steps in stress management. The first step taken by me when I joined this program is Find Your True Color with a biometrical report system . This system is the first stage that I have to live so I can know how the brain works. To do this is by way of fingerprint test or known as finger analysis . I was accompanied by Mrs. Damayanti S.Pane or commonly called Bu Dama, a Psychobiometric Analysus Consultant. At this stage, I am a lot of ‘oooh’ ria and exclaimed, “yaaah bener, pantesan so,”. Hihihi .. wonder why I call that?

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So, it turns out that the ten human fingers each finger has a unique pattern that shows how the human brain works. The fingerprint structure consists of lines that can be classified into sections. The lines on the fingerprint form a pattern called the fingerprint pattern . The fingerprint pattern is genetically formed since the embryo in the fetus at 13 weeks of age.
The formation of this fingerprint pattern is influenced by the work of the brain’s neural system (neurons). In these permanent fingerprint patterns, neuron work systems are recorded in the functions of the brain and their relation to the dominance of Brain Hemisphere, Celebral Lobes and Triune Brain. Identification, classification and calculation of epidermal lines are expected to provide a psychological interpretation of the personality and talents of a person who is genetic.
Fingerprint test is a dermatoglyphic method (lines on the surface of the skin, fingers, palms) to read fingerprint patterns. In general there are three patterns contained in every human finger, namely arc, loop, and whorl.


Let’s see what the explanations of the three patterns look like.
1. Arch is a pattern that all the lines come from one side, flowing or tend to flow to the other side of the picture, the wave up and down. This type is rarely found in human fingers, but in some areas, people tend to have this pattern.
2. A loop is a pattern that has one or more ugaris coming from the other side, sloping, touching, or traversing a shadow line drawn between the delta and the core, tending toward the original side. The shape of the loop shows the workings of the human brain that tend to limbic or taste.
3. Whorl is a circular pattern, memounya two delta and at least at ugaris circular inside the patter area. The worhl pattern has some form derivatives: plain wholr, central pocket loop whorl, double loop whorl, and accidental worhl. The workings of the brains of people who have a whorl pattern tend to focus on the target.

Fingerprint Test
In this first step, I immediately met with Mrs. Dama. His friendly attitude made me comfortable during finger print and consultation sessions. In fact, I was with other friends doing a finger test session on the reception couch. The relaxed atmosphere made me feel more secure and comfortable. In this session, Mrs. Dama, who is experienced in helping people in optimizing the way her brain works, measures my palms with a bow. This is done to determine the angle of ATD coordinate point on the right and left palms.

Mrs. Dama is doing a fingerprint test

Mrs. Dama is doing a fingerprint test

After measuring the angle ATD, Mrs. Damma started scanning my tenth finger. I can also directly see the pattern of my fingerprint on the laptop. While looking at the pattern of the fingerprint, Mrs. Damma also explained my fingerprint pattern. So much I ber’oh ‘ria and nodded as confirmed by him. Hahaha, so caught why I love watching drama because it turns out engingeeeeng, my nine fingers have a loop pattern that works its brain based on limbic or taste. So if I, everything is wearing taste, ceileeeeh … if ngorol use the taste, and dominant really tuh the taste. Surprise it, it turns out I have a pattern of peacock eye or peacock eyes which is a variant of the pattern whorl and loop. It is said that the pattern of peacock eye is a pattern of luck and indeed rarely do people have it. What makes geer, Mrs. Damma told me that one of the richest people in Indonesia has nine patterns of peacock eye on his fingers. Well, I have one just been really geer, how about a lot, huh? Hihihi.
Oh yes, each of our fingers turns out to have the function of each yag associated with the workings of the brain. For example whorl pattern in thumb will be different function with whorl pattern on the index finger. Believe me, everyone has a different pattern. In fact, twins also have different fingerprint patterns. That’s what makes each person unique with their own advantages and disadvantages.
After a finger scan session and casual chatting, I can get a quick overview of how my brain works. Mrs. Damma will give the result completely by email. Surely I’m curious dong want to see the results.

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Here I Am The
next few weeks, I went back to meet with Mrs. Damma and discuss the results of my fingerprint scan. The result makes me more acquainted with myself. It turns out that for the past 36 years, I have not really known myself so often still make inappropriate decisions, still often unable to see the advantages, and still often unable to see and correct deficiencies. After seeing the results of finger test analysis, I also came to know, “Here I am ..” with all the shortcomings and advantages that I have.

fingerprint analysis 10
How my brain works in receiving information tends to be global. This means that the focus of my attention is more on the core of information by paying attention to information in outline only, then the time required to pay attention to information will be less. Actually I have realized this and know that I am less fit to work as an editor who demands more detail. But since I like books and reading activities I became an editor. The result is not maximal. Am I sorry? Not at all, at least I’ve tried my skills, knowing how well I can stay in a job that demands more detail.

fingerprint analysis 9
Then how does my brain work in processing information? I tend to have a high responsive graph so it takes less time to make decisions and act. That means I rarely think long. Easy example, if longer ngemal, clay good clothes, if likes, yes money there, rarely think long, just embat to the cashier. Huhuhuhu, very danger, khan.
At the beginning I discovered the fact that my brain’s work is dominated by the limbic work system that shapes one’s behavior more based on the feeling (people oriented). I do not know, I do not know if this is an advantage or a lack because I was not a person who likes the target like a whorl pattern. The tendency of how my brain works will even stay away from things that smell the target. Pantes alone I tuh like stutter when sent to write a resolution even if writing resolutions never run.

fingerprint analysis 8
I also get a fairly clear explanation of the basic motivation as a behavioral landmark. The result is ‘I really’ is. In establishing relationships with others, working together I do give priority to comfort. I am not a person who can pursue the target but it turns out when it comes to egosaya and I know the benefits and goals clearly then at that time I will be a creative and innovative person, especially if I feel appreciated, waah can skyrocket, tuh. Hahaha … but do not expect often yes, my experience, because I really mengutaman comfort, a little bit less comfortable then it will disturb my mood in doing something.
I am not a person who likes to do things outside the pattern and tend to follow the pattern already. My utterances often say, “come along” if at a forum make a decision. Hahaha, I do not think I want to ribet aja, anyway. It turns out that I am a person who has the ability to adapt well. Is it true? Hihihihi … I do not know, if the situation is comfortable, yes, surely I will adapt well. In taking any breakthrough, my limbic system that works alias must use flavor.
The workings of my brain show that I am not a dominant person but a person who desires comfort. Therefore, I will last long in a place if the place is still comfortable but if I go it means that the place is very uncomfortable for me. I just found out my graph of keperpeksionisan is quite high. Yet all this time I consider myself not a pioneer.
Characterically, the graph shows a higher introverted level and shows that I like the world in (self), reflective, self-employed, concentrated, and focused. He said the advantages mamou process data internally. In processing the data, the graph shows the tendency to process data into facts that process concrete data in a concrete, practical, realistic, and looking as it is, and choose proven ways, focus on the present, and good in apps. Pantesan if given something abstract, brain kok ya directly ngehang, hahaha …

fingerprint analysis 7
In doing the action, the way my brain works shows it can be flexible and can also be planned. Pantesan, if there is something out of plan, yes I am not so muring-muring, ya hayu ajalah. But my thinking or thinking style shows how theoretical thinking is, more complex, full of analysis before defining a solution. Well, why so the opposite well with his character. But so a unique alloy, khan. How to learn that is suitable for me is visual picture and visual text (pantesan hooked reading children books many pictures, heuheue).

fingerprint analysis 2What about intelligence? Apparently finger print analysis can also read the intelligence distribution. We see the graph of how, oow, it turns out that the highest graph shows intellectual intelligence or the potential of intellectual intelligence associated with a more dominant response in the frontal lobe area. In this lobe, analytical functions in calculation and problem solving will be more responsive. It turns out to tend to be good in handling with regard to thought and completion.
The potential skills possessed by my brain work show a high graph of the conceptual imagination of innate potential responsiveness to bring up creative ideas, imagination, and space dimensions. Then why do I always feel less creative? It seems that because I did not realize the potential and like to be too busy thinking about the less important things, hihihi …

fingerprint analysis 3
Working style aka my work style shows that I am a fast decision maker and able to analyze solutions. Besides being able to observe, innovate, and follow environmental trends. Based on these things, it turns out the type of work that suits me as an investor is a job that relies on flexibility and creativity that is not limited by the standard rules, as well as fit as well as self employee. After having been an employee for 12 years, I realized that it was less suitable to be an employee. Huhuhu … well, it’s just now that I have the courage to break away from the employee position. The result, now I’m much happier. after following my fingerprint analysis so I know who I really am – Find True Color – and dare to decide to do what I want and happy to have more time with family

Have plenty of time with him

Have plenty of time with him

I am very grateful to be able to follow this first rare and become acquainted with myself. I was reminded of a sentence of wisdom, “Know yourself then you will know your Lord better,”. Also the word of Allah:
“Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day there are signs for those who have reason, those who remember Allah while standing or sitting or in lying down and they think about the creation of the heavens and the earth (saying): “Our Lord, You have not created this in vain, Most holy Thou, So keep us from the torments of hell.” (QS Ali ‘Imran (3): 190- 191)

May all my efforts with Lineation Center make me a better, personal person closer to the Creator. I can also rearrange my current life and forgive all the mistakes of the past. In addition, by knowing how the brain works, of course I can better optimize the capabilities that have been less excavated.

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