Being a Creative Person

Currently, the company where I work is being transformed into a creative company. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves to be able to add insight to integrate with the concept of creative enterprise. So every Wednesday, the company held a strategic planning training is very important for determining the company’s creative direction.

In a training session, the trainer — Mr. Rahman — told about the condition of the company where he worked previously. He talks about the creative gods often do not want to follow direct from the Strategic Planning team. There is a tendency, the creative god was felt that a very good idea to ignore the creative side of business and commercial. Meanwhile, an innovative creative work should have the selling power. Things like that, often takes place in a creative company. So that the necessary synergy between the Strategic Planning team with the creative team that can produce a creative product that is not only good in quality but also in demand by the public or has a high selling power.

Furthermore, Mr. Rahman told about the directors who will not admit his team capacity. Any ideas that were raised by the team are always countered and deemed not feasible. It’s certainly dropped from the team spirit. So that the guerrillas for the team must prove themselves that the team has high competence in their field.

Stigma of leader that is often a barrier for a creative idea to be realized. Professional matters are ignored because there is negative stigma or personal dislike which makes the barrier. The leaders feel that creative ideas must come out of it, while the workers just doing his ideas. The team was not given the opportunity to issue his ideas and considered not able to spend a great idea. So that there is a gap between the leader and the team.

Each person must feel proud of being called a creative person. However, is it still called a creative person, if other people do not want to acknowledge creative and tend to preclude a kraetif idea materialized only because of personal interests? It was, the person does not deserve to be called creative people. There is always a barrier when a new creative idea as those made by others, not by himself. Stay stubborn to realize that his idea was. Characters like that if leaders deserve to be in a creative enterprise that requires each individual to be open to new ideas? How about, you?






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