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When I got an invitation to watch a theater show “Mastodon dan Burung Kondor“, I am reminded of the times in college. At that time, I was active in Student Activity Unit “Teater Lakon”. I’ve played a few shows theater. I’ve also been a director for theater performances, entitled “Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk” adaptation of the novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari.

For a few years, I was not in direct contact with the world of theater. Since graduating college, I was busy working as an editor and author of children’s book. Sometimes, I watch theater performances. But, it has been very long time. Therefore, when he gets this invitation, I was very enthusiastic. I miss watching theater.

Theatrical performances, directed by Ken Zuraida (wife of W.S Rendra) was held in support of the Rector Unpad Prof.Dr.Ir.Ganjar Kurnia, DEA. This show was held at Graha Sanusi, at the Campus Unpad, Jln. Dipati Ukur. As a student of contemporary literature, I and my friends get free tickets performances. Wow, its fun.

My friends & I were present according to the invitation, at 19.30 pn.Pertunjukkan starts at 20:00 pm and was opened by Ken Zuraida. It was moved to hear the story about his struggle to be able to perform this show.This show is quite serious, so I do not really enjoy this show. However, at least this show can cure my homesickness at the theater that once I feel. Thanks for the invitation. Cheers,


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