Preparing Final #Indigo2011

Alhamdulillah, two projects who made by our team being a finalist in indigo award 2011. It’s a first experience for us to participate in competition. We prepared two projects with all passion we have.

The project are and Aisyah & The Backbone. is contain video, audio,comics, animation, and story for children.There are contributor in this project who made audio telling, comics, and video. The theme is islamic values like prophet story. Meanwhile, Aisyah & The Backbone is comic digital project. The major character is Aisyah. Her friends like backbone for Aisyah cause it’s important for his circle of life.

When we knew, the two project pass in abstrac, we are really happy. Then, we believe we will continue to final. We made a great proposal and alhamdulillah our proposal chosen for the final. “Allahu Akbar …” yelling one of us.

My team and I preparing for the final. We start to synchronizing our mind to get victory. We certain the victory is in our hand. Insya Allah, we use LOA (Law Of Attraction) for this, our mind, body, and soul know we will being a winner. So, we are praying and trying hard for preparing the final.

rani yulianty

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