Right Brain VS Left Brain

I love Rebecca Brandon, nee Bloomwood. since I first read ‘Confession of Shopaholic’ a Cick LIt by Sophie Kinsela. For me, Becky is a special girl with her imagination. She made me laugh with her shoping behavior. She always decide to buy something, like branded clothes, shoes, and bags earlier. She always excited if there is a discount in the shop for their customer.

The point of Becky Blomwood, she is a imagination girl. She has much imagination. When, the first time she mets Luke Brandon (then, he is become to be Becky’s husban) Becky lying to him. She wants to buy a scarf but her money not enough. She said to Luke to borrow his money to buy scarf for dying auntie. The fact is, she has no dying auntie.

She is a kindess girl. She always care to her family and friends. She is a sensitive girl who like shoping. Shoping is her life. Whwn, she is pregnant, she bought everything for her baby (she bought a clothes for boy and girl). She has a large imagination. She is a ‘right brain’. Different with her husband -Luke- is a ‘left brain’.

Becky and Luke is of a partner who mutually complete. Luke love Becky. But sometimes, Luke didn’t understand what Becky’s mind. There are more conflict in this books about relation between Luke and Becky.There is the third person is Venetia Carter who is ex-Luke girlfriend. Hmm … how Becky solve this problem? So. let’s read this book. Check it out …


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