The First Day …

One of my resolution is more healthier in 2012. So, I decided to get regular exercise. Actually, I’ve been exercising since the end of 2011 but not routinely. I jog in the morning before I went to my office.

Since, I heard about the car free day on the road Dago, I reaaly want to go there. But, there is no chances. So, in the first day in 2012, I decided to go there. But, it was very quiet. Few people who exercise there. I am not discouraged, I was with my friend — Ully Octaviacontinued to walk down the street.

When, we feel tired and hungry, we decided to rest and breakfast. We chose a breakfast with Lontong Padang and a glass of millo. Hmmm yummy. Later, we saw the number one in West Java, Mr. Ahmad Heryawan who ordered breakfast after the bike ride with his family. My Ahmad Heryawan and Mrs. Netty get a pictured with people. So, I also pose with Mrs. Netty. She looks so beautiful and young.

This is the first day in the year 2012 a very pleasant. I had fun chatting with Ully about the plans in 2012. I wanted to have a bike, so we can ride to Dago and get pleasure. She also wanted to continue her hobby, photography. I think, we can learn and had fun together.


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