VacationDay at The Beginning of The Year #Pangandaran

I want to start 2012 with a fresh body and mind. Therefore, I make a holiday schedule at the beginning of the year. My Family and I choose a vacation to Pangandaran. Pangandaran in West Java is located in the Village District Pananjung Pangandaran a distance of 92 km south of the city.

We started from Tasikmalaya, its a my mother in law hometown. We went to Pangandaran about 5 oclock and arrived on 8. When we arrived, the weather overcast and rain. But, we still happy to enjoy our holiday. Fortunately, then the sun rise and keeps the body warm. when see the shore , i ‘m disappointed to the coast of so dirty .

Then, we decidednto go to the white sand. To get there, we had to hire a boat. we also fringing coast and see landscapes beautiful beaches . On the way, we saw batu mandi which is the boundary between the Gulf and the sea. Its very cool. Then, we saw beach place turtles swimming. There is a stone called Raja Mantri. It had a shame story with a folklore Malin Kundang from Sumatra.

Then, we arrived in ‘White Sand’. There is marine life, such as shellfish and fish the beach. Very beautiful. Visitors can dive with hire snorkelling equipment at a price of Rp 40. 000,00. There is also a wildlife sanctuary inhabited by animals such as deer, monkeys, snakes, bison, and other animals are protected. One day, when vacationing here again, I like hiking through the forest. I want to follow the activities of water sports are rafting up to the famous waterfall called the Green Canyon. Over all, our holiday its very fun making me fresh and ready to perform daily activities in 2012.


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