VacationDay at The Beginning of The Year #Situ Gede

The second day in the series of our vacation, we visited ‘Situ Gede’. Actually, it’s a place of public recretaion in Tasikmalaya. Early  in the morning, we were getting ready for the morning sports  around ‘Situ Gede’.

When we arrived there, its so full by people who exercise such as jogging, cycling, walking, or even just relax enjoying the natural scenery. We decided to walking around Situ Gede. We feel tired, we were resting on  the bank of Situ Gede which has been transformed into a place to eat. We had rest while ordering food on the menu, like grilled fish, rice (nasi dtimbel), and others.  After eating, we went up the boat and down the lake. Well, the scenery was beautiful.

rani yulianty

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